Entry #1

Just joined

2008-05-04 13:06:06 by Neilss1234

Just joined newgrounds and submitted my first ever flash movie!!!

Im into my games design and hope after graduating art school i can work in the games industry as a conceptual artist!



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2008-05-04 13:25:06



2008-05-19 20:00:31

do you have anything against naruto,bleach,shin chan death note and so on and so forth :(

Neilss1234 responds:

Not against its just not a medium of art i can appreciate because i hate it lol


2008-05-28 04:39:41

yeah me too i thought that daft punk was pretty cool. and hey LOVE that pic were u get it

Neilss1234 responds:

Forgot to say in my pm iv done afew dasft punk paintings on my deviant pro :D


2008-05-29 01:04:24

hey sorry man i miss typed i meant im new here to. im not accually into art. but i think you do a relly great job with your skeches i hope you pursue your dreams and succeed.